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Even though Hollywood has portrayed vampires as hot and sexy bloodsuckers, that isn’t the full
story. Vampires walk among us and anyone around you could be one because they look exactly
like humans and live a normal life. Until they get cravings for blood, obviously. They aren’t
necessarily looking to be found, but some brave people have recorded them on their phones.
Here are 10 real vampires caught on camera and spotted in real life.
Number 10. Caught on a security cam in a store
If you are a fan of vampires, you probably know that mirrors and vampires don’t really get
along. They can suck blood, take out wings from their bodies, and even have scary teeth, but
they cannot see themselves in the mirror. According to Popular myths, that is because the mirror
reflects the soul, and because vampires don’t really have a soul, there is nothing to be reflected.
Another theory says that vampires are transparent and light passes through them so if they stand
in front of a mirror, there is no reflection because the light is just passing through. What a
tragedy be not being able to take mirror selfies! In this video, you can see a vampire that was
caught on a security camera. At the start, everything looks okay and nothing seems wrong with
the video. But as you watch, you see people start going out of the store. The first person that
walks out is reflected in the huge mirror mounted on the wall. Even the woman sitting is
reflected but when a man in a black dress, who already looks suspicious the way he is walking,
walks past the mirror, there is no reflection! See for yourself. This was definitely a vampire in

real life, maybe going after the guy who first walked out. No one in the store even noticed that
there was a vampire among them. That is how common their occurrence be
Number 9. Sighting in the woods
Vampires indeed exist among us but some of their colonies are in remote areas like forests where
humans don’t annoy or irritate them much. But that doesn’t mean that they get to live a peaceful
there without having to have some type of interaction with humans. This video, which was
recorded in 2006, shows two friends hiking in the woods. They are first normally walking and
talking, possibly about the existence of vampires, when one of them notices a very weird thing
nearby. He flashes it with his flashlight and gets the shock of his life when he notices an actual
vampire in real life. a pale looking man with pointy teeth crouching on the forest floor could only
be a vampire. He is only a few feet away from the camera and looks as if it is about to attack the
two hikers. When one guy snaps a branch to get his attention, the vampire looks up and that is it
for the two guys, who start running as fast as they can to avoid becoming the vampire’s next
meal. We doubt they could outrun something that can actually fly. How dumb can humans be
Number 8. Sighting on road in the middle of the night
This clip will definitely give you the creeps. Vampires can not only fly or grow huge teeth, but
they can also teleport themselves or because visible. This is another ability that helps them from
getting caught by humans and becoming their next meal. A man can be seen riding on a
motorbike in this video when he notices a woman standing in the middle of the road for a split
second, before vanishing. He becomes suspicious and stops to see what is up. It parks his bike in
the middle of the road and gets off. As soon as he turns the bike off, he sees the woman, dressed
in all white, appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the road. The video is so scary, we cannot

even tell how scared the guy must have been. He runs away as fast as he could, leaving his bike
where it was. Many people believe that it is a fake video but we highly doubt that. What do you
guys think?
Number 7. Russian vampire attack
If the clip of the vampire not being reflected in the mirror didn’t get much of your attention, this
definitely will. Russians are already aggressive people, so imagine how a Russian vampire would
react If he went to file his taxes but the person at the counter said the date is overdue. This
human- lookalike vampire seems like he is very angry with the office people. He first throws
files at the employee and when another person tries to stop him, he smashes his head in the table,


EU Stock Hot E-Bikes & E-Scooters Sale - Up to 40% off