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9 Smartphone Gadgets You Didn’t See Coming

What’s up gadget-heads and welcome to another episode of TechJoint! Today, we’re bringing you 9 Smartphone Gadgets You Didn’t See Coming. Smartphones are awesome. From phone book and calendar to clock, camera, and music player, they incorporate hundreds of little gadgets
into one hand-held device. But when coupled with just the right accessories, there’s so much
more you can get from you smartphone. From the fanciest smarpthone stabilizers to the world’s first VR camera for smartphones, let’s take a look at some of these accessories that are totally going to change the way you use your smartphone. Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss out on the latest and greatest gadgets and technologies.

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9 Smartphone Gadgets You Didn’t See Coming [Links]

9. Teleport – http://bit.ly/2L2AUSS
8. Clip-A-Phone – http://bit.ly/3hU3kKz
7. T’spin – http://bit.ly/3hO4Ca5
6. SideKick – https://bit.ly/2Xjprkg
5. iRoller – https://geni.us/rRXMZVy
4. Jorno Keyboard – https://geni.us/mTafVr
3. Edelkrone Povie – http://bhpho.to/3bh2hmE
2. Fancy Smartphone Stabilizer – https://geni.us/49q1wc
1. Smart Mike – https://geni.us/CsQoRuu

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