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ChromeCast Setup to TV using SmartPhone [How To]

Video on How to setup Chromecast to TV using your Smartphone.
Turn your HD TV into Smart TV in a go. It is now possible with a gizimo ChromeCast. I have got many queries on how to setup ChromeCast to HDMI TV. So this video is dedicated to all of those who are in search for the steps to setup ChromeCast. Do watch this video till the end to know how to play videos and audio directly on you HD TV.

Firstly, let me explain you how actually the ChromeCast works. When you beam videos through YouTube application, it will just get the data directly from your local router and not from the YouTube application you have initiated to play. Literally, you can leave the home or office and it will continue streaming the video and now lets get into the process.

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Readmore: https://grantjkidney.com/chromecast-setup/

Part 1. Connecting ChromeCast to TV
In the package, you will get ChromeCast device, Mini HDMI Extension cable, Power Adapter and a USB cable. You need to have one HDMI and a USB port to simplify the connection part. If you dont have empty USB port, you need to power up the Chromecast dongle with the help of power adapter. Take the advantage of Mini HDMI extension cable if the port is unreachable. For now we are just connecting directly to TV using HDMI and USB port.

After connecting it to TV, change the input source to HDMI port.

Part 2. Configuring the dongle.
Now you need to have ChromeCast Applicaiton installed either on your Android or iOs device. To download, go to the store and search for ChromeCast. Download and install the same on your device.

After then, open the application to setup the initial configuration. It will first search for available ChromeCast dongle. Now here click on “Set up a new chromecast” and then it will ask you to authenticate it with the network. To do it, go to Wifi networks and wait until you see the Chromecast signal. Select and come back to the application. Now here click on “Next” , verify the code and it should match with the code displayed on the TV. This code will be used if you have multiple chromecast devices in the same network. Click on “I see the code”, select the region, Name your device, Select the WiFi network and you are ready to go. Now move to Devices and select the name that we have just configured.

Part 3. Playing Videos and Music on HD TV
After completing the above steps, open youtube application and you should see the cast icon over to the top. Now move on the any video that you would like to beam on TV and simple select the Cast Icon. It will just play whatever content you allowed to play via ChromeCast device.

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ChromeCast Setup to TV using SmartPhone [How To]


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