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Ergonomic and Adjustable Laptop Stand

Be ready to be amazed. Nothing is quite eye-opening like taking your notebook off the desk and dramatically improving your viewing angle. By elevating your laptop, you’ll change the way you sit at your desk. Instead of hunched over your laptop, bending down over the desk to type, you’ll find yourself relaxing back in your chair. You’ll find yourself comfortably looking forward instead of cricking your neck down to see the screen. The further you raise the stand, the more you’ll sit back, relax, and enjoy.

With six elevation settings, you can adjust the stand to your specific needs. A separate USB keyboard and mouse (sold separately) are a great addition to using the stand. If the notebook is in the lower elevation settings, you can still easily type on the keyboard.

As an added bonus, the Laptop Stand sports a 4-port USB hub so you can connect a USB-enabled keyboard and other accessories while keeping your notebook free from the clutter of multiple cables. Hid out of the way, the USB hub can be detached from the back of the laptop stand for easy access. Simply slide the hub back into its holster when finished.

The stand is sturdy and will not easily tip over like other less-sturdy laptop sands. Even trying to tip the stand over proves very difficult. The holding fixture at the base of the stand will help prevent your notebook from tipping back if you happen to bump it. Other models lack this feature and pose a risk to your notebook. Rest assured, your notebook will be protected.

Note: Keyboard & mouse not included. Some high power consuming USB devices may require a DC adapter to be plugged into the HUB. Power adapter not included). Visit: www.handstands.com


EU Stock Hot E-Bikes & E-Scooters Sale - Up to 40% off