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Ghosts Throwing Knives Around My House! Haunting Caught on Camera!

My house is haunted and there has been more than one ghost haunting my house. Ever since I had brought back haunted dolls the paranormal activity in my home has increased significantly. After a trip back home from ghost hunting in California I came home to more than a haunted house. Ghosts were throwing things around my house including knives. Kitchen appliances were moving all around my kitchen counters. Doors opening and closing and slamming shut. I have document so much paranormal activity on my vlogging camera and on my security camera too.

Haunted Doll Brings Ghosts Back Home! GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

Haunted Doll Moves Scaring Lady Out of Her Home! Haunting Caught on Camera! https://youtu.be/eXbMG02DKCw

Haunted Doll Escapes a Locked Box and Haunts My House! Angry Ghost!

Ghosts throwing dishes around and haunting my house!

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