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Going Through My Ex Best Friend Zoe’s Camera Roll to Reveal Secret Crush! | Rebecca Zamolo

After Rebecca Zamolo played a giant ghostbusters game in real life to trap real ghost! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Daniel is missing at the Lake of Secrets! (Searching for RZ Twin Reveals New Evidence) and the real game master spent 24 Hours in real Ghostbuster car to rescue best friend and do a giant influencer taste test challenge. Matt and Rebecca find Zoe’s iPhone SE and decide to go through her camera roll. Zoe betrayed the Ghostbusters team and we can’t trust her. We unlock her phone using the password Shining which we think could be a giant clue. Why did Zoe betray us? Rebecca and Maddie find photos of her with agent s from the giant dating game and Barbie dream house videos. Could Agent S’s clone be her secret crush? Matt is surprised to see that the ex best friend has a private tik tok. Rebecca teaches Maddie how to save a tiktok draft to your camera roll. We also learn how to save a tik tok video to to iphone. Maddie’s crush surprises her with flowers and she agrees to go on a first date with him. She doesn’t have a snapchat but we found a Flickr folder we find mysterious photos of locations in our backyard. It turns into a giant scavenger hunt to retrieve all the devices before Zoe arrives. Maddie, First they find a case of diet coke with a secret message to either Agent S or Mr. X. The next clue led us to the decoy bbq where we found a fortnite squishy.  The last ones were bath bombs with a clue from when we turned the safe house into a giant Barbie house in real life.  What do the final clues mean and can we stop my ex best friend Zoe from finding us? 
Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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EU Stock Hot E-Bikes & E-Scooters Sale - Up to 40% off