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How to be Instagram Famous Overnight for free (Practical Guide)

The popularity of Instagram is envious. How to be instagram famous overnight is a big question for most of the people. With more than 500 million active users and a robust advertising platform inherited from its parent company Facebook following the takeover in 2012, Instagram seems unstoppable.

Instagram , for those who don’t yet know it, is a photo-sharing platform where you can edit them with filters. The idea is to give a retro (and super trendy) aspect to your shots thanks to the “Polaroid effect” of the filters. If your photos are beautiful and original, you will be able to have more followers on Instagram.

You can then follow other users and like and comment on your favorite photos, the goal being of course to be as popular as possible by collecting the maximum number of “likes” and subscribers on your Instagram account!

How to Become famous overnight on Instagram for free? Is it really possible?

Nop not overnight ! But to attract crowds to your account, you will need to implement a number of techniques: some extremely basic such as “take great pictures” but others more complex. Let’s get to the heart of the matter right away.

Publish beautiful photos !!!

Publish beautiful photos !!!

Well yes, it sounds silly said like that, but if you do not publish anything or if your photos are ugly, you will not get very far on Instagram. Perhaps the most determining factor of all is the quality of the photos that appear on your account, which is why it is at the top of this ranking.

Are you going to tell me that you are not a photographer and that you do not know how to do? On Instagram, everyone becomes a photographer. Read on the Internet the best practices to take beautiful photos to inspire you and progress. The most important points are the choice of the subject, the composition of the photo, the lighting and the settings of your camera.

In line with posting great photos, choose a theme that highlights your original photo. If you can’t find one, post the photo without filter! You don’t have to add a filter just because it’s trendy on Instagram.

If you find a filter that makes your photo even more beautiful, or changes the contrast / color positively, go for it!

Post photos from a pro device

Post photos from a pro device

Always in order to keep the idea of ​​posting the most beautiful photos possible, Many popular / famous Instagramers use a professional camera to take their photos.
Although smartphones have taken better and better photos over the years, photos from a pro camera always stay on top. These cameras also offer you many options if you know how to use them making your photos even better.

Disadvantage : Only downside, the price of these devices. It is clearly not within the reach of everyone. You can completely start with your smartphone and switch to the camera later, when your account is more successful for example.

Edit your photos with professional software

Edit your photos with professional software


Finally, this first overview of the very quality of the photos you publish wouldn’t be complete without talking about editing software. Again, many instagram famous people you know, edit their photos in professional software before uploading them. The two most used software are Lightroom and Photoshop.

Disadvantage : Obtain this software. Initially, you can simply edit your photos on your smartphone directly and at the time of publication in Instagram using the tools available to you to do so and switch to professional software later.

Be active and regular

Be active and regular

The second part of this article concerns activity and regularity. If you post great photos but only once a year, your fans & followers are going to have a hard time rioting.
Be active and post at least once a week. You can do this much more candidly by posting every day, if you can create enough quality photos. However, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Better one great photo per week than 7 mediocre photos.

If producing content isn’t a problem for you, take advantage! Every time you post a photo you have a better chance of being liked, followed and discovered and therefore gaining popularity. Try not to exceed 5 photos per day, some people may find it too “intense” beyond.

Also try to be regular in your activity. If you post every day for a month and then quit, it will take its toll on your progress and may disappoint some fans who are used to having new photos regularly that’s How to be Instagram famous overnight.

Keep a clear editorial line

Keep a clear editorial line

Your editorial line is the identity of your account. If you have an account that posts photos of cats, stay in this niche. If they are landscapes, stay on the landscapes. This is for two reasons. First, if you suddenly change the theme, your fans may not understand anything and be disappointed.

They were expecting a cute photo of an adorable kitten and finally come face to face with an unexpected landscape. A disappointment is therefore possible. Second, it will be easier for new fans to reach you if they clearly identify your editorial line. A cat fan, to stay in the example, if he sees an account publishing almost only photos of cats, so exactly what he / she likes, will subscribe immediately.

 If the account has one or two cat photos and at the same time tons of landscapes and other diverse and varied things, the person will be more hesitant and probably won’t subscribe, for fear of seeing things that don’t. not interested. Logic.

Have personality and engage your fans

Have personality and engage your fans

A good tip for having an attractive account is to engage your fans.

Your followers are not just a number showing on your account, they are real human beings like you and me with brains, hearts, personalities, etc. and they like us to interact with them. Social networks have the particularity of both bringing people together (since you can hear from anyone anywhere) and keeping them away by isolating people.

Moreover, few people and brands really interact with their communities on social networks. Do it and you will stand out and humanize yourself. Ask questions, answer comments and queries as much as possible, tell stories and you’ll have a crowd of people who will be happy to follow not an “account” but “someone”.

Make contests

Make contests

Also in the tradition of engaging your in, a contest is a great way to move your community from the role of follower to the role of actor. It is an excellent vehicle for involving your community. The winner will probably be your fan forever, but even the other participants will keep in mind that they had fun taking part in this contest and will probably wait for the next one.

I recommend SocialShaker for creating instant winning contests and games. They even created an Instagram contest app to run photo contests.

Disadvantage : You will need a small investment. Start with very simple things, even at a budget of 10$  for example. Or better yet, win something that costs you nothing (offer one of your fans to chat by email on the subject of their choice, or go for a drink) or have the game sponsored, competition by a brand.

Use hashtags

Use hashtags

A great way to market yourself on Instagram is to use hashtags. You can add 30 maximum per photo so do not deprive yourself. You have two techniques:

1- Put hashtags related to the photo

Simple, fast and effective. If you post a photo of a thunderstorm, you add #storm. This is an excellent method because people looking for photos of thunderstorms will surely consult this hashtag and therefore find your photo. As the photo corresponds precisely to their request, they will be able to like it and possibly subscribe to your account.

2- put popular hashtags

Otherwise, you can put the most popular and most trafficked hashtags. The downside is that it’s not targeted, you see all kinds of photos when you search for these hashtags. But the advantage is that there is significantly more traffic to the hashtags in question.
I’m not giving you the complete list but you will see them all over the place: #instalike #instadaily #instagood # like4like #nofilter etc.

Regularly post “stories

Regularly post "stories"

Since 2016, Instagram has integrated the “story” option. Very clearly inspired by Snapchat, this feature allows you to share a photo or video with all of your followers, but for a limited time (24 hours). It’s a simple way to tell about your day or to follow up on your adventures without cluttering up your profile and posts.

These stories appear at the very top of the app on the News Feed, so it’s the first place your fans see when they log into the app. It’s a great way to keep your community engaged even if you don’t have a great photo for them. Let them enter into your daily life, it will humanize you again.

Synchronize your Instagram account with your other social media accounts

As you probably know, Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012. Since then, the application encourages you to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram. This is quite logical, because they imagine that you are interested in seeing your friends’ photos, and they are often right.

Therefore, by linking your Instagram account with your Facebook account, you give all your friends the opportunity to discover you and to subscribe to your account. Don’t neglect it!

Tag influential people / accounts

Tag influential people / accounts

On Instagram, you have the option to tag other accounts. It’s a great way to get yourself noticed. Not only may people searching for the accounts in question come across your photos, but especially the accounts that you tag will be notified. If they like the photo you posted, and if it has anything to do with them, they may be able to post the photo in turn by mentioning you, thereby giving you free publicity to their entire community. Of course, if you tag the Nike brand , you have little chance that your photo will be taken (but you never know!). Try to aim bigger than you, but not too big either 😉

Geotag your photos

Geotag your photos

There are many rumors that this feature may be going away.

You can geotag your photos when you take them. So, a user looking for photos of Niagara Falls, will come across your beautiful vacation photo without typing a hashtag or keyword, just because the photo was taken there. Convenient !

Take photos from other accounts

Take photos from other accounts

Of course, it’s best to post your own photos. This is what will make your account unique, give it a soul.

However, if you are truly lacking in inspiration and have found a photo that you find so stunning that you can’t resist the temptation to repost it, you can do so without forgetting to mention the source!

There are apps that do this directly by adding a small badge to the photo to indicate the account where it comes from, which I find respectful for the author.

Be careful not to publish only photos taken. This must remain exceptional!

Take symmetrical photos

Take symmetrical photos

Several studies have shown that symmetrical photos get more likes on Instagram than others. It’s normal, the human brain is flattered by the symmetry of a photo, it pleases it.

If the landscape or the subject of your photograph allows it, try symmetry. You will see the result!

Use third-party applications (montages, adding smiley / emojis, boomerang)

Use third-party applications (montages, adding smiley / emojis, boomerang)

As we talked about at the start of this article, you can edit your photo before posting. But not necessarily to improve colors or tone, you can also add smileys / emojis / etc.

Anything that you think adds value to the photo and will appeal to your audience is good to take.

The Boomerang application, developed by Instagram, allows you to make very funny little video clips where the action is repeated in one direction then in the other. The result is very often entertaining and will certainly appeal to your audience. Try !

Tag the brands you wear

Tag the brands you wear

This technique is not for everyone but is very practical for people wishing to have a popular account in the fashion and / or ready-to-wear industry.
When doing a clothing shoot, tag the brands you wear! As we mentioned in the section reserved for tags above, brands will see your photo appear and may possibly re-publish it, or even contact you directly to carry out a marketing operation or a sponsored publication.

Post at the right times

Post at the right times

Like on all other social networks, certain hours of the day are more active than others. This is for a number of simple reasons: during the day most people work, and significantly more people go for a walk on weekends and therefore may come across landscapes that deserve an Instagram photo.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. When are they busy and when do they have time?
If your audience has no particularity on this subject, imagine that they consult their Instagram in the morning and in the evening on public transport while going to work and on weekends when they have time and they post themselves something.
A good method would therefore be, for example, to post during the week at the end of the day to have less “competition” in the news feed but despite everything consultations the same evening and the next morning.

Show your face

Photos with face (s) get more likes on Instagram. Our brains are made up in such a way that faces mark us much more easily and quickly than any other shape or photo. It is like that, it is an attribute of the sociability of the animal “Man”. As a bonus, this will once again make you more accessible to your community.

How to get more followers on Instagram; Old fashioned Follow other people

Follow other people

Let’s be honest, who among you likes to have one-sided conversations? Nobody ! If you want to get more followers on Instagram, it’s the same. In business, there is only give and take : in short if you want to be followed, you have to follow in return! Of course, focus on those who are active and leave behind occasional “Instagrammers”.

Unless you are a star, no one will follow you if you yourself are not following anyone. This is because people like to have a certain reciprocity in their interactions, and if they see that you are not following anyone that may dissuade them from following you.

Keep a correct ratio

You come across two Instagram accounts. The first account has 5,000 followers but follows 9,000 people. The second has only 2000 followers but follows only 35 people. Which one do you think is the most popular and posts the best photos?

Personally, I will bet on the second. This is the empty restaurant technique: if all these people have subscribed to this account when they are not following anyone, the content must be great.

You must therefore follow people, as indicated in the previous point, but not too much. You have to keep a balanced ratio so as not to be seen as a “spammer” who follows anyone all day long.

The follow / unfollow technique

The follow / unfollow technique

Based on this expectation of reciprocity, you can apply the following technique allowing you to quickly increase your number of followers:

  • 1- Define a target account, ideally someone in your theme.
  • 2- Follow the followers of this account. The reasoning here is simple: if these people follow this account which is close to yours, they could theoretically follow your account as well.
  • 3- Wait a few days for some people to follow you back.
  • 4- Stop following (un-follow) people who have not followed you back
  • 5- Start over at step 2.

By gradually removing people who have not followed you in return, you keep an interesting ratio, which increases your chances of being followed, as explained in the previous point.

This technique works quite well if you are targeting people to follow and if your account is active.
In general, this technique works if you don’t industrialize it too much and continue to interact in a personal way with all the members of your community.

Use external tools

Use external tools

In order to make the follow / unfollow process a bit easier, you can use outside tools.

Personally, I use Crowdfire. In addition to telling you who is not following you back, it allows you to directly unfollow those people much faster than on the Instagram app. Be careful, you will be limited to a few dozen per hour in order to respect the rules of Instagram usage and not behave in “spammy” terms. But it’s still very useful and practical.

The functionality is not limited to that. Another feature of Crowdfire that I really like is the ability to schedule photos in advance. So, once a week, you can plan your posts in advance, all at once, to save time afterwards. Be careful though, the photo will not post on its own as is possible for example on Facebook or Twitter. You will have to post it manually.

But Crowdfire will have kept the photo in memory as well as the text you have written and will send you a notification on your phone at the chosen time. The text will even be automatically copied and the photo automatically imported to Instagram, all you have to do is paste and post.

I was also advised to Instagress, which I have never used and have yet to test, but apparently the tool has a good reputation. If you have tested and have a feedback (positive or negative), do not hesitate to share in the comment and I will integrate it in the article! 🙂

The technique of like / commenting on other photos

Like and comment on other people’s photos is a great way to get noticed. It’s as easy as pie and yet a lot of people forget about this very “human” part of using Instagram. If you like a photo, like it. If you like the content an account posts, say so! It can only result in the positive. The person will surely thank you for your kind comment, maybe subscribe to your account, and at least know about you.

how to be instagram famous over night Super combo: follow / unfollow + like

A “super-combo” of the two previous techniques can bring considerable results. It is not only about following people in your target but in addition to liking and / or commenting on one of their photos.

Thus, the person will not only have gained a follower but also someone who says kind and positive words. How not to worship? It is therefore quite possible that the person will subscribe to you in return, to show their appreciation for your behavior.

Be careful once again not to automate the process too much and to remain as human as possible. If the person subscribes to you because they believe you are someone who often comments positively on photos but never comment again once the follower is acquired, the person may be disappointed and unsubscribe. Again be consistent. If you say kind words, don’t do it just the first time to get a follower.

Get mentioned by influencers

Get mentioned by influencers

Getting mentioned by an influencer is a great way to make yourself known. The word of mouth is still one of the most effective means of persuasion today. If you are a football fan and Cristiano Ronaldo tells you to go follow this football account, you will definitely take this advice seriously.

So how do you do it? Well that’s pretty hard to get, but look in your network. If you’ve been on Instagram for a long time, you may have met people who are more popular on the network than you are with whom you befriended. Why not ask them?

If not, well now is the time to approach this kind of person to make friends. Be careful not to approach them point blank with this request, you would have 0 chance of success. Just try to become friends.

For example, you can discuss the techniques that have allowed you to gain popularity on Instagram. If the person in question is more popular than you, he / she will surely have a lot to teach you on the subject. And maybe one day, if you improve, he / she will agree to mention you!

The technique known as “stars”

The technique known as "stars"

One technique for getting followers is to follow the most popular Instagram accounts across Instagram. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo and more as I write this article.

Indeed, there are people who use the above mentioned technique of “follow / unfollow” and who choose a star account as their target account. They usually start at the “top” on the app, so with the latest followers.

The technique therefore consists of following these accounts, then quickly unsubscribing and then re-subscribing, etc. etc. in order to always appear in the “last” to have followed these accounts.

After testing this technique, it turns out that some people who have followed you remain subscribers even over time, which makes it a valid technique for acquiring followers.

Obviously, I can not help but point the finger at the fact that this technique is very poorly targeted, which makes it ineffective in acquiring a real engaged community.

Paid techniques: Advertising

Paid techniques: Advertising

Since Facebook bought Instagram, it is possible to create ads via Facebook’s “Power editor”, there are 4 ad formats available. I think this is a great lead to take if you have a budget to spare.

Buying followers

Buying followers

As on almost all social networks, you can buy followers.
Mostly, I do not recommend this technique. Followers are systematically inactive accounts and will not bring you anything except to artificially “inflate” your stats. But a large number of followers without any commitment behind does not have much interest and does not cheat many people today. Rather to avoid therefore.

Get mentioned by influencers

We talked about it earlier in this article, being mentioned by an influencer is a golden opportunity but very difficult to achieve. On the other hand, if you are prepared to shell out a little money, it will be   much easier to find someone who can help you. Funny how life works, isn’t it? 😉

Ready to go hunting for followers on Instagram?

You are still here ? Well done ! You are now ready to increase your number of subscribers.

Remarks ? Points that I forgot? Do not hesitate to let me know in the comments!

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