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How to Stream Xbox Games to Smartphones

How to stream your Xbox One, Series X or S gaming session to your Android smartphone, using two app options: Remote Play from your console, or Microsoft’s ‘Project XCloud’ cloud streaming service for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

If you have an Xbox One X, Series X or other recent gaming console, you can play your favourite titles on a smaller phone screen using a WiFi or internet connection.

First up is Remote Play, using the Xbox (beta) app. This guide shows you how to prepare your Series X (or whatever) console so it’s ready for streaming, and then how to connect your controller to your Android mobile. With those steps done, you can get stuck into your games over WIFi or even the internet if you’re away from home.

Next is the Xbox Game Pass option, where you actually stream a selection of titles from the cloud instead. For this you’ll need to download another Microsoft app, but it’s once again a quick and easy method.

So that’s how to play your Series X/Series S/One X time killers on your humble smartphone. Check out my review of that super-powered new console right here on Tech Spurt.


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