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How to Write Music on a Laptop While Travelling

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We all love the idea of travelling and writing music in exotic places, but how feasible is it? With a laptop and a tiny keyboard, can you write a decent piece of music? Join award winning composer Guy Michelmore on a trip to Italy to find out. With a Macbook Pro, Spitfire’s BBC Core and Logic Pro X, Guy
gives it a go. Also we reflect on the passing on one of the greatest film composers of all time, Ennio Morricone.

0:00 Start
0:10 Welcome to San Gemini
2:00 The travelling kit
5:10 Adding strings
5:55 Adding Oboe
8:35 Adding a counter-melody
10:35 Guy – wake up – there’s a touchbar you idiot!
16:15.Adding a big string top line
24:30 The finished piece
26:40 Ennio Morricone remembered

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How To Write Music explores the fundamental skills that underpin every great piece of music whether it’s a song or a film score, string quartet or video game sounds track.

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