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Importanteng Gawin Before FACTORY RESET ng Smartphone

Basic and important reminders before you factory reset your smartphone. Para iwas lock out after mo magreformat.

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Things To Do Before factory Reset

1) Backup photos, videos, music, files
– If you have no microSD, try your Google Drive
– Gmail has free 15GB free Google Drive storage, use it.
– Yes, it requires internet

2) Make sure you remember your gmail password
– If not, do the “FORGOT PASSWORD” routine first so you will have a chance to reset password
since your gmail is still logged in on your phone

3) Make sure you remember your social media passwords
– If not do the “FORGOT PASSWORD” routine
– Update smartphone number in case the old SIM is gone
– Update email access as well if old email is forgotten

4) Backup Contacts
– Use Gmail for a quick backup
– Make sure to be connected to internet so that the Gmail can sync to the cloud storage backup

5) Sufficient Battery Charge
– Minimum should be at least 30% charge before factory reset
– If Battery is already degraded, it would be best to plug the phone to a charger first before factory reset to prevent system damage during reset process



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