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Improve Gaming Performance on your PC/Laptop

Improve Gaming Performance on your PC/Laptop by PC Tweaks.


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1. Copy the following registry key entry between the brackets
[ 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 ].
2. Select your start button.
3. In the search box, type ‘regedit’ and press enter.
4. Once your registry editor is open, select ‘Edit’ and ‘Find…’.
5. Paste the above registry key in the box and select ‘Find’.
6. Once it has located it, look for the keys on the right hand side labeled MinValue and MaxValue.
7. Double click on each value and make sure they are both set to ’0′.
8. Select ‘Edit’ and ‘Find Next…’.
9. Continue to replace MinValue and MaxValue for each entry until you have replaced them all.
10. Close the registry editor and restart your computer.
11. Core Parking should now be disabled.


Core Parking is a sleep state (C6) supported by most newer x86 processors, and newer editions of Windows. Core Parking dynamically disables CPU cores in an effort to conserve power when idle. Disabled cores are re-enabled as the CPU load increases once again. This technology is very similar to frequency scaling, in that it seeks to throttle the CPU when idle.
The problem is that Window’s default power profiles are configured far too aggressively when it comes to core parking, especially on workstations. Their interest was in conserving energy, even if this meant marginally decreasing performance. A number of complex parameters control when a core should be parked, and Microsoft tuned heavily towards power savings.
The core parking settings in Windows are implemented as parameters of power plans (aka power profiles). That means you can, for example, disable core parking for the High Performance power plan, but leave it enabled for other plans. And that is exactly the desired tweak for most users: disable parking only for high performance power plans.

Warning: Do Not try to download any software for unparking, they are full of malwares. Do it the way I did it, it takes you only a couple of minutes..

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