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Is this the best cheap medium format film camera?

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In search of the cheapest, ‘useable’, medium format film camera, I hopped on eBay and ended up buying a Lomo Lubitel 166B TLR. In this video, I test it out, make some images, and face a few struggles.

Lomo Lubitel 166B: https://ebay.to/33fq0z1
Sekonic L-558R Light Meter: https://ebay.to/3fAJz9C
Kodak Portra 400: https://ebay.to/3pXi27g
Ilford HP5: https://ebay.to/3l34FPm
Kodak Ektar: https://ebay.to/3m6aVqQ

Videos on this channel are filmed using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K: https://bhpho.to/2SWPBqO

And the Fuji X-T4: https://bhpho.to/3n91yYk

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Awesome Strap For Large Cameras: https://ebay.to/3imCMAl
Rope Style Strap For Smaller Cameras (Cheap but great!): https://amzn.to/33hrRDO

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EU Stock Hot E-Bikes & E-Scooters Sale - Up to 40% off