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Laptop Battery Myths (Official Dell Tech Support)

There are still many laptop battery myths, so here are some facts about your laptop battery to help answer common questions about today’s laptop batteries and their performance.
To run a battery diagnostic test on your Dell computer, go to https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN143156/en#Check_Battery_in_ePSA_Diagnostics
and read the article to check the current health status of your system battery. This can be done both outside and inside the operating system environment.
Keep in mind that Dell Commercial laptops don’t show 100% battery charge straight out of the box. Currently for Battery Health you will only see a percentage showing the battery health: from 0% to 100%, typically brand new systems show a value of 90%, which gives the impression that the battery is already 10% discharged. Reason being is that the related software needs multiple charge/discharge cycles to properly calculate the battery capacity. Therefore, only after the first few full complete cycles will the battery show 100% charged. For more details on this, please visit


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