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Lenovo Legion 5i Gaming Laptop | Unboxing & Review!

Breaking down the Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptop with everything you need to know about it with an unboxing and review. Please enjoy and be safe everyone.

0:00 Quick Legion 5i Unboxing
0:20 Introduction
0:33 Items in the Legion 5i Box
1:00 Legion 5i Weight
1:06 Legion 5i Thickness
1:12 Legion 5i Color
1:25 Legion 5i Right Side Ports
1:29 Legion 5i Left Side Ports
1:37 Legion 5i Back Side Ports
1:51 Legion 5i Power Button
2:24 Thermal Mode Issues
2:59 Legion 5i Trackpad
3:13 Legion 5i Keyboard
3:53 Legion 5i Speakers
4:14 Legion 5i Display
5:37 Legion 5i Performance
7:15 Legion 5i Heating
7:40 Legion 5i Gaming
9:42 Legion 5i Battery Testing
10:15 Legion 5i CPU Settings
10:53 Legion 5i Pricing
12:26 Legion 5i Thermal Mode Issues Continue
12:39 Conclusion

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