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Messenger Laptop Bag, Tutorial & PDF Pattern (link in the description)

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This the first pattern in a new serie dedicated to advanced leathercrafters. It is a detailed tutorial for making a large messenger laptop bag, a laborious project that will take 2-3 full days to complete.

The bag has three exterior pockets and the inside of the bag is very spacious and can accommodate a laptop, a photocamera, lots of other electronics you might need. This is the ideal daily carry and travel bag. The strap is made from two pieces and is adjustable up to 155 cm (61 inch).

This is one of V&P Leather Artisans classic designs, perfected over many years.


✪ Front exterior pocket
✪ Exterior pockets on both sides of bag for small things
✪ Detachable slip compartment for a laptop (MacBook Pro): 36/23 cm (14.2/9.1 inch)
✪ Center large compartment for iPhone/Droid, pens, business cards, a key clip
✪ Adjustable leather shoulder strap: up to 155 cm (61 inch)
✪ Handle for quick grab
✪ Weight: 4 lbs

✪ 39/30/12 cm or 15.4/11.8/4.7 inch
✪ front pocket: 7/14/3 cm or 2.8/5.5/1.2 inch
✪ 2 lateral pockets: 2.5/9/3 cm or 1/3.5/1.2 inch

✪ BODY: 1.2 sqm 1.8-2.0 mm (4-5 oz) waxed leather
✪ LINING: .2 sqm 0.8 mm (2 oz) pigskin lining
✪ STRAPS: 0.2 sqm 4 mm vegtan (10 oz) (long pieces)
✪ 1 mm waxed thread
✪ edge painting

✪ 2 X 20 mm D-rings
✪ 2 X 25 mm D-rings
✪ 2 x 30 mm buckles
✪ 1 x 35 mm buckle
✪ 4 button locks

✪ 18 mm Olfa cutter
✪ 1.5 mm hole puncher
✪ John James stitching needles
✪ rubber mallet
✪ cutting pad
✪ masking tape
✪ a good glue, preferably cement glue


0:00 Intro
0:17 Cutting the pattern on leather, lining the leather
5:30 Cutting and finishing the accessories
11:55 Punching the holes, sewing and assembling the bag
24:12 Sewing the lateral pockets
26:37 Assembling the handle and the strap
27:55 Voila, the finished messenger bag!


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