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[OLD] SSD + HDD Dual Drive Setup in Almost ANY LAPTOP

*** MAJOR UPDATE: NEW and BETTER version of the guide here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H09SEyoE8yY ***

Only one hard drive bay? No M.2 or mSATA slot? You can still have both an SSD and hard drive together in your laptop. All it takes is to ditch that DVD drive, and getting an inexpensive “caddy” adapter* and a small screw driver.

1. Title Edit: Added “Almost”
2. Yea, I should make an updated video for this guide when I get the chance.
3. Thank you very much for your comments!

I just discovered (8 months ago) that the optical drive bay’s SATA connector is limited to SATA II so peak sequential speed is limited to ~250 MBps. Real world performance isn’t affected and shoudn’t be a big issue but may be an issue in rare scenarios (like Samsung’s Magician software RAM caching if enabled).

So an alternate method:
1) Take the hard drive (HDD) out of your laptop. This varies from laptop to laptop so you may need to look it up. But most should have a door dedicated for the hard disk.
2) Take that HDD and place that into the caddy.
3) Place the SSD where the HDD was.

To know what caddy to get:
– Simply take out your DVD drive and measure its thickness (in millimeters) using a ruler.

Where did I buy the caddy? (and the SSD for that matter)
(PH) Pag sa Manila punta ka sa Gilmore IT Center. Iyung SSD mas mura sa TTrend IT Solution sa 5th floor o kung ano plang upper floor na store.
(Int’l) I guess online? Amazon, Newegg, NCIX, etc. I can’t provide links because I bought it retail.

Remember to clone C: and other system partitions first to the SSD before deleting it from the HDD.

Also yes, Windows go to the (fast) SSD while your (bigger) HDD acts as mass storage. Some people for some reason didn’t get that even if the guide specifically does that.


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