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Pebble Pace Smartwatch – can monitor Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels, up to 15 days battery life

The smartwatches or smart watches are not exactly new. The first models date from the 80s and therefore allowed access to functions such as the calendar or the radio. The Pebble Pace is another smartwatch that comes with all of the features you get on other smartwatches plus it can monitor your Blood Pressure and oxygen …

Most of these models have had very relative success, often related to the status of mere gadgets. The technology of the time did not allow practical use of the features offered. A turning point took place in the 2010s with the introduction of connected watches, a real extension of smartphones on the wrist.


If Apple captured much of the attention with the release of the Iwatch in 2015, it also helped shine the spotlight on an object on the way to becoming essential. Today we are looking at the model “Time Steel ”from Pebble, a Californian brand that has made the connected watch its area of ​​expertise.

Detailed Pebble Pace smartwatch review for Pebble fans:


The brand

Pebble was created in 2011 by a bunch of new technology enthusiasts, convinced that the future lies in connected objects. In 2012, they launched on Kickstarter and will explode the counters with 10 million dollars collected to finance their first model, an absolute record for the time!

The Pebble Time, tested over these lines, was also funded by a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal achieved in 17 minutes, another record for the platform. If at the beginning the firm had 9 employees in its ranks, they are now more than 130 to bring nomadic technology to life.


Technical sheet

The Pebble Time is available in 5 variations: 3 models with a leather strap (black, light gray or red) and 2 models with a metal bracelet (silver or gold). Its one of the best smartwatch for fitness.

The case is available in three shades: black, silver or gold. On the scale, the object displays 62.5 g for a case thickness of 10.5 mm. The screen itself is 1.26 inches and is based on e-paper technology, offering a low-consumption 64-color display.

This steel smartwatch is supported by an LED backlight and covered by a Gorilla 3 glass treatment. The display is not touch-sensitive, the watch has 3 selection buttons on its right side as well as a “back” button on the display on itsts left side.

Finally, the connection is provided by a magnetic USB cable, the watch recharges in 1:45 for an announced autonomy of 10 days, a more than honorable result for this type of object.

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Pebble steel smartwatch Test

The accessory is delivered in a rather ingenious cardboard box, which protects the object well from all the vagaries of transport. However, we regret the absence of a case or a cover allowing us to put the watch in our luggage without fear for its physical integrity. The box itself therefore contains the magnetic cable for recharging it as well as all the instructions necessary for starting and using the object.

Precisely concerning its use, Pebble smartwatch will require the installation on your smartphone of the “Pebble” application and the synchronization via bluetooth of the two devices.

As such, let us note that it is available on Android as well as on IPhone, therefore friends from all technological backgrounds, could use it easily!

My phone is a Xiaomi Redmi 2 running Android and I had no problem bridging the app and the watch. However, I was able to observe rare disconnections between the two devices, but these are much more anecdotal than systematic.

Concerning the application, it consists of three parts. The first allows you to change the appearance of the watch or “watchfaces” and suggests going to the storewhich gives access to a considerable number of new visuals. The second offers sorting, adjustment and the addition of new applications.

The latter offers the possibility of configuring the various alerts and notifications in connection with the applications present on your smartphone .

Pebble smartwatch app & Operating System 

Regarding the OS or operating system, we see that the bias is on the side of minimalism. Do not wait for the viewing of photos or many shy animations. Pebble watch chooses readability by offering a very easy to access interface, very practical use of the object as well as the almost total absence of loading time between the different applications.

Regarding the possibilities offered by the connected watch, they are very numerous due to the presence of a dedicated application download platform. However, we can focus on the main ones and leave aside the application that allows you to know the time for soaking the tea bags in water or the one that gives you the perfect timing to brush your teeth.

Pebble Pace Smartwatch



The most important element is surely the possibility of receiving all the messages (sms, Instagram, Facebook messenger, tweets, emails…) directly on the wrist.

As for text messages, it is even possible to answer them either with voice dictation or with pre-recorded responses such as: “Ok” “I’ll be there in ten minutes” or “I’ll answer later because I don’t think I am. I’m going to have fun dictating my text message to my watch in the middle of a subway train just to please you ”.

“Pebble Steel smart watch ” can also act as a remote control, so with the appropriate home automation, it allows you to change channels or close the shutters of a house, which obviously has its small effect. For athletes, many applications such as “Misfits” or “Runkeeper” allow distance tracking,running or cycling.


I’ve been looking at connected watches for some time, the main question being that beyond the functionalities, is this kind of object really fruitfulon a daily basis? Firstly with regard to wearing the watch itself, it is particularly pleasant.

The case of the Pebble is not too heavy and its strap keeps well after a whole day of work. Note, however, that for sports, it is quite strange to have a leather strap on the wrist, although it fulfills its role regardless of the activity.

he connected watch is particularly intuitive and after a few days on the wrist, I had no trouble quickly navigating through the menus and functions.

Then after this first taming phase, it turned out to be quite essential to make several settings for notifications. Because as a true extension of the smartphone, the Pebble vibrates with every email, Facebook message or text message you receive. Which quickly makes you a perfectly unbearable person, constantly scrutinizing your wrist and unable to hold a conversation without fiddling with your bracelet.

So in order not to subject your surroundings to your connectivity, it will be necessary to adjust these notifications according to your needs and your requirements.


  • Screen perfectly readable outdoors.
  • Permanent time display.
  • Monster autonomy for this type of product / Quick recharge.
  • Simplicity and speed of use / Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Serious overall construction.
  • Possibility of answering by voice or with preprogrammed responses to SMS (Android only).


  • Screen size / Display edges.
  • Brightness management in a mild environment.
  • The water resistance goes from 5ATM on the Pebble Steel to 3ATM here.
  • Proprietary cable for recharging.
  • Multi-OS … but not for Windows Phone / Shortcomings on iOS compared to Android.
  • Few changes in the end compared to the Pebble Time.



Considering all above, the Pebble Steel smartwatch is very practical for people whose daily activities require a large number of trips. The consultation of the messages is perfectly clear and the quick answers or the voice dictation reveal a real utility. An observation that can also be extended to the GPS which I regularly used to navigate on two wheels, definitely faster and more secure than viewing the map on the smartphone screen..

The result is that by wearing an analog watch after several weeks of connected watch testing, I have several times regretted not having access to the features of the Pebble. A quality connected watch which therefore shines through its ease of access and responsiveness.

To see the large number of possibilities offered by the brand’s watches, it is also possible to go directly to the store to browse the many applications available. A watch that has therefore not finished showing the extent of its capabilities. Mention “Tested & Approved!” “

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