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SSD + HDD in Almost Any Laptop (The Caddy Method)

[cc] Only one 2.5 inch drive bay? No M.2 slot? You can still have both an SSD and hard disk drive together in your laptop. In this video we ditch the waste of space called the “DVD drive” and use an optical disk drive (ODD) caddy for a second 2.5 inch drive.

• Cloning Windows to an SSD (Macrium Reflect)

 • Original video: SSD + HDD Dual Drive Setup in Almost ANY LAPTOP

This guide is for intermediate computer users who are familiar with terms like SATA, hard disk drive, solid state drive (SSD), drive cloning, M.2, and optical drive (referring to CD, DVD, and Bluray drives). The user is also expected to do hands-on internal hardware upgrades to a laptop.


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