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This Week in Linux 110: AMD Ryzen Linux Laptops, Thunderbird 78, Cooler Master Raspberry Pi Case

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got some really cool hardware news, we’ve finally got some Linux laptops equipped with an AMD Ryzen 4000H series processor. These laptops are thanks to Tuxedo Computers and KDE Slimbook. Cooler Master has launched a kickstarter campaign to make a pretty slick Case for the Raspberry Pi 4. We’ve also got a LOT of App News this week with the latest release of the most popular open source email client, Thunderbird 78 from Mozilla. KDE has released version 7.0.0 of digiKam. If you’ve been wanting an open source way to control your RGB lights on your devices then OpenRGB may be the tool for you. And finally, PeerTube has announced the 2.3.0 release that comes with the much anticipated Global Search feature! All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
01:01 What is This Week in Linux
01:41 Linux Laptops with AMD Ryzen 4000H – KDE Slimbook and Tuxedo Pulse 15
12:10 Cooler Master Case for Raspberry Pi 4
21:48 Mozilla Thunderbird 78 Released
29:13 digiKam 7.0.0 Released
32:41 Become a Patron of TuxDigital & TWinL
34:10 FrontPageLinux.com
35:55 OpenRGB – Open Source RGB Control
40:12 PeerTube 2.3.0 Released (with Global Search)
42:43 Outro

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