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Top 10 Witches Caught On Camera Spotted In Real Life

Top 10 Witches Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life

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Witches are pretty famous in the fiction world but have you ever imagined witches
appearing in real life? they were pretty common in the earlier centuries and also used to
help people in curing their diseases. Witches exist even now, but not all of them are
nice. Let’s look at the top 10 witches caught on camera and spotted in real life.
Number 10.) a real witch in girl’s room
This video was uploaded on youtube and after a while, it started circulating on the
internet as people started noticing and studying it more. No one has been able to prove
if the video is fake or real even now because it gives a mixed feeling. Watching for
yourself. In the video, you can see a little girl busy with her homework. She hears some
weird noises but doesn’t know what it really is. She continues studying like a good little
girl but she is not ready for the next thing that is about to happen. She keeps on hearing
the noises but doesn’t feel afraid. Suddenly, without her knowing anything, a black hand
crawls out from under what seems like a bed and grabs the little girl. It doesn’t really
look like a human’s hand and as you can see, the kid vanishes instantly without leaving
a trace, or crying. People say that it was a witch who grabbed and pulled the kid and no
one ever saw the kid again. do you think this video is real? Let us know in the

Number 9.) Witch encounter in a graveyard
Graveyard would be the most common place to look for witches. a ghost hunting
researcher was documenting the extraterrestrial forces and strange artifacts in different
parts of Hungary. But what he found was scarier and much more alive. First, he comes
across necklaces made from human teeth and an entire abandoned graveyard. When
he looks around he realizes he isn’t the only living person in the graveyard. He finds a
goth woman, possibly a witch, hiding somewhere. Hungarians are known to be brave,
so the guy, instead of running, shouted something. The woman got up, picked up her
stuff, and started running. The guy chases the witch into the forest but loses track of her
because he fell to the ground.
Number 8.) A real witch in Scotland
In this video, a woman can be seen performing witchcraft on a mountain open space
with no one around. You can see in the video, that was caught in Scotland, the woman
is making strange signs and moments, from moving in circles and shaking her head.
She is also wearing a black top that indicants her gothic nature. She looks scary but it
gets scarier when strange voices come from her as she puts her hands up in the sky
and moves around, performing some type of magic. She stays there for a while which
seems like she is waiting for something grim. we are sure that it was a witch performing
magic and it was a truly terrifying scene, due to which the guy who recorded the video
couldn’t stay there for long.
Number 7.) witch sighting in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most famous places in the world when it comes to witches; they
even have a town called CATEMACO that draws a huge tourist crowd that is in search
of witches. To kill a person , all you need is a black cloth doll, some thread, a human
bone, and a toad. Oh, and you must ask the devil permission, in person, at a cave in the
hills where he is said to appear. This video was captured in Guatemala in Mexico. The
kids are seen jumping into the river, enjoying a hot summer day. the camera was there
so the kids performing acrobats can get recorded and later review them on tape. Little
did they know that there was a witch nearby. While reviewing the tape, they found
something very strange in the top of the video. there are figures moving one after
another in a line and the most shocking thing is that the figures are moving in the sky!
without any support. There are three figures in total and upon examining the video, it
can be seen that the figures are traveling on broomsticks. They might be going back to
a witch’ den.
Number 6.) the levitating witch of Puerto Rico
2015 gave us many amusing things and this video is one of them too. Captured by the
team from ghost shots, this is easily one of this spookiest videos ever. It shows a car
dashcam on a police car recording while the car is on an abandoned and creepy road
with no lights around in Puerto Rico, at 4 am. Suddenly the car slows down what you
see next will definitely scare you. A woman is seen standing in the middle of a road
with, wearing a black and red dress, confirming that it is actually a witch. She is
standing in a very weird positionbut just when you think It can't get scarier than this, she
pulls her face up and opens up her arms wide.


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