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Upgrading/Replacing the hard drive in a Laptop with a solid state drive HP Pavilion 15

In this video I show how to upgrade from a hard drive to a solid state drive. The laptop shown is a HP Pavilion 15-au023cl. In the video I also show how to remove the hard drive from a laptop with a more standard cover.

I show how I use a desktop computer to clone the data from the hard drive to the laptop and talk about other more user friendly ways to do the cloning of data.

This is the SSD I used in the video

Another SSD I recommend in the video

This is a USB to SATA adapter cable used to connect a drive to your computer and allow copying of data

This is an adapter that allows you to replace the DVD or Blu-ray drive in your laptop with a 2.5″ hard drive or solid state drive.
There are two thicknesses for this adapter. 9.5mm or 12.77mm. Be sure to check which thickness drive your laptop currently has. You can do this be removing the current drive and either looking up its model number on Google.com to find the thickness or you can use a ruler to measure it.

This is an external enclosure for a hard drive or solid state drive. In the video I talk about things to do with a working hard drive after replacing it with a solid state drive. With this enclosure you can use the drive as you would any external hard drive.

This is the one I have. It has the same 64bit set along with some other useful tools and a carrying case.


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