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What if Cameras Disappeared? | @embibe.com

What if Cameras Disappeared?
Firstly, if cameras disappeared, sketch artists will suddenly be in a lot of demand.
Secondly, many people buy new mobiles in order to get upgraded cameras, if cameras disappeared, suddenly their won’t be a compelling need to buy a new mobile.
Thirdly, if cameras disappeared, photographers will have to look for a new profession.
Fourthly, if cameras disappeared, movie stars may have to start doing live shows.
Fifthly, if cameras disappeared, selfies won’t work anymore, many youngsters may struggle to enjoy their outdoor trips.
Sixthly, if cameras disappeared, people will not be able to upload photos or videos on social media, only chatting may be possible.
Lastly, if cameras disappeared, there will be no more photographs to relive old memories, people may revert back to keeping diaries about their experiences.


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